The majority of the employee’s decision to quit is sudden and not infrequently makes you have to work twice as hard to find solutions to the vacancy of the position. Well, before that happens to you, it’s good if you have prepared yourself. So that if there are the best employees who stop working, you already know what to do. This kind of thing is might be what the people of Camargo Corrêa company are experiencing right now when Mr. Hallack, their chairman of the board of directors steps down from his position.

Here are things that you can do when your best employee quits working for your company:

Make interviews with employees who will stop

Even if you want to be angry and disappointed is a natural thing, but for now, you still have to maintain professionalism. Instead, you can invite employees to talk positively to discuss the reasons for resignation. Although there is nothing you can do to prevent the employee from resigning, at least you know the reason.

Do an evaluation

The next step is to conduct a work evaluation with employees who will resign. This is so that you get a picture of the knowledge mastered by employees. That way, you can later convey job descriptions better when recruiting employees. In addition, by conducting an evaluation, you can also find out if there is still a workload or project that must be completed. Consider whether the project can be handled by new employees or should be handled by employees as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from other employees to help complete the abandoned project. So there are no jobs that will be stuck because they are waiting for new employees.

Look for ways to overcome the vacancy position

If you feel the need to recruit new employees, you should do it as soon as possible. Leaving an empty position for a long time will cause work to be neglected and add burden to other employees. If possible, you can open recruitment before the employee resigns. So once the employee stops working, you already have a replacement employee. But if it is not possible, try to hold recruitment as soon as possible.