To stimulate a child’s creativity, you can design a colorful desk for him to be creative. Study desks with this one design are suitable for little ones who are energetic and active. Make your desk more interactive by adding wallboards with poster printing or a collection of post-it notes. The colors of this learning desk can indirectly stimulate the child’s brain to be more eager to learn. Are you interested in designing a study desk for your child? Aside from your child’s desk, you can also check out excellent furniture designs in the best furniture store brisbane.

Unlike the previous study desk, you can also design a monochrome study desk for children. Monochrome colors like black and white are also interesting to apply to the concept of a child’s learning desk. In designing this desk, show consistency by not using more than 3 colors. Combine the color of a dark study desk with brightly colored chairs or vice versa. So that the impression of fun can still appear, just add a cartoon painting, decorative pillows, or a unique desk lamp as a compliment.

In addition, to save space, apply the concept of a built-in wall attached to the wall like this. This study desk has been equipped with wall shelves for goods or books, to the board to attach a photo frame or important notes.

Aside from that, a trending vintage theme is also suitable for use on a desk. You can also use unused items such as dining chairs to give a special touch to the study desk. Use a study desk made of wood that looks fibrous and worn like a study desk used in the old school. To be more optimal, complete with bookshelves so that children’s learning activities easier.

Finally, narrow space is often an obstacle in creating children’s learning spaces. However, now you don’t need to be confused anymore. Address space issues by using a folding study desk like this one. When not in use, the study desk can be folded to the wall so it takes up space. Cool, right?