A minimalist synthetic grass garden can enhance the appearance of your home. Currently, many make gardens with synthetic grass because maintenance is much easier than real grass. This synthetic grass is often applied to make indoor gardens, while many outdoor gardens still use real green grass. For making this indoor garden, you can apply or combine fake grass with other plants so that you can get the feel of a natural garden.

There are several tips for creating and designing a minimalist synthetic grass garden that is important to note, such as:

Specify a Location

The first thing you have to pay attention to before making a synthetic grass garden is that you have to determine the location first. Determining this location will affect the beauty of the garden that you create. Usually making a garden with synthetic grass is close to the family room, reading room, and also in the corner of the room. Whichever space you choose it is advisable to choose one that is close to the window. The light that comes into this window will also show a natural impression and feel more beautiful.

Picking the Fake Grass

To get a good minimalist synthetic grass garden you also have to choose synthetic grass with good quality. Buy in a trusted place that has a good reputation. Not only that, it is better if you calculate the cost you spend on buying the grass, which is to multiply the area of ​​grass you need by the price you bought it for.

For the selection of this grass, you have to think long-term. You can choose dense and short grasses that are durable and can be used in the long run. This type of grass is great for families who already have babies and raise animals.

The Installation

Tips for making the next minimalist synthetic grass garden are the installation of grass. For this grass installation, you can leave it to the experts to make it more precise and beautiful. This synthetic grass does not require too much maintenance, you only need to clean the dust with a vacuum once a week to clean it, you can also brush it with a brush to keep it straight up.