A lathe is a very important tool in the workshop that requires proper maintenance. If you know how to operate it then you also need to know how to maintain it. The most important thing to remember in machine maintenance is lubrication. Without it, the ball screw could be damaged and causing damage to the machine. However, you could take it to the superior ball screw repair service that will fix in in only days and the ball screw will be ready to use again. You need to learn first how to properly care for the machine, then learn how to operate it to avoid damage to the ball screw. The parts that must be treated include cleanliness of the engine body, table ball screw lubricants, lubricants for the air cylinders on the spindle (if any), air filters on the rear panel wall, and others.

Some engines use oil as a lubricant, this lubricant is usually accommodated in a plastic tube placed at the rear of the engine. This cylinder is equipped with a sensor that is connected to the engine that will give a warning if the amount of oil is not sufficient. The amount of lubricating oil must be checked every day and added if necessary. One thing that is also very important to do with this ball screw lubricant is the certainty that the lubricant is distributed evenly to the places it should be. This lubricant is distributed from the rear tube to the engine table through a small pipe with the help of a pump.

If there is a measurement with the distribution system, then the table will move without lubrication, consequently in a short time the ball screw will be damaged (worn, burned, etc.), the bearing will be destroyed, and the costs incurred to repair it will be very expensive. Make sure that the lubricant is distributed correctly by periodically opening and closing the table and checking that the lubricant is properly distributed. Do this check once a month. The initial symptoms of damage to the ball screw or bearing can be detected from the harsh sounds that the table makes when the table is moved. Check immediately if this happens.