A friend joked that the purpose of installing a temporary fence around the construction of a large building or house was so that the design could not be duplicated by others. Somehow the reason he expressed was so disturbing my mind. If it is so that it can’t be copied, wouldn’t it be finished when this temporary barrier would be opened and everyone could see it? It’s much easier to copy the finished one, complete with ornaments and decorations, right? After trying to explore the purpose of installing a temporary fence that can be rented from a reference company around the construction area, I finally met some more reasonable reasons, such as:

Preventing people from randomly entering the site

When this temporary fence is firmly established, it gives a clear message that not everyone is free to enter and roam around the construction site. Only workers and interested persons are allowed. The door is also specially made so that people who walk back and forth are easily seen and if there are people who are not interested, they can be banned. The goal is for security.

It looks neat from the outside

When there is construction, surely the situation in the area will be crowded and messy. If it is not closed, the impression is less neat from the outside. So this temporary fence was installed so that people passing by did not see the hubbub and crowd that was inside. I, who often pass in front of this fence, do not see anything chaotic from the outside, it looks neat.

Preventing loss and theft

There must be nosy people. They can have ideas to try to take the items that are being used in construction in it. If it is not fenced off, this can happen. I often hear stories about this loss, where a fairly priced pump can disappear on the spot. Too bad, right? Now, by installing a fence, not everyone is free to look around. They must have entered the main door that had been provided. So that officers know who entered. If there are people whose movements are suspicious, they can be asked. Losses can be prevented and losses can be minimized.