Almost everyone has felt lonely. Even if he has a myriad of activities and is surrounded by many people every day, it is possible that he can still feel lonely. There will definitely be times when we feel empty, no one can understand, listen, appreciate, or support. Many assume that new loneliness can only be felt by people who are old. However, a recent study shows that the peak of loneliness is precisely the most vulnerable felt by young people. Actually, they will not feel that way if they draw closer to God. There are many ways to get God’s attention and one of them is through miracle healing prayers.

Why do young people feel lonely more often? You might think that the elderly are the people who feel the most lonely because their brain function and body movements are increasingly limited. This may make them lack the time and opportunity to do activities and interact with others. Some of them also feel the loss of a life partner. These factors can indeed increase feelings of loneliness in the elderly. But at that age, they are far more immune to facing loneliness because they have gone through various kinds of life and want to dwell on their health.

Conversely, young people are most vulnerable to the negative effects of feeling lonely because they most likely do not know very well how to deal with this condition. Moreover, the lifestyle of young people who are all individually now makes them feel they do not have a relationship with other people who can make him feel needed or wanted. If we are not too close or don’t have strong ties with people around us, we can still feel lonely. Especially if the young person lacks parental love due to divorce, the loss of a loved one, lack of confidence, and is influenced by social media.

The limited access to finding a vent and the effects of psychological trauma can make loneliness worse. Consider consulting a psychologist, if the loneliness you feel doesn’t go away.