It’s no secret that the music has the power to bring a romantic to cheerful nuance in a wedding, such as presenting a band or even a harpist. Therefore, choose the type of band that suits your music taste and wedding party concept that you choose to make your happy day more perfect!

Jazz Band

Has a formation that is almost the same as the band in general, namely guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and vocals, but jazz bands usually add instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, trombone and violin that can present more jazzy music. This type of band is perfect for the concept of a wedding: outdoor wedding, intimate wedding, and a grand wedding.

Mini Orchestra

If you like classical songs or want more magnificent music, you can choose a mini-orchestra consisting of vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, grand piano, cello, violin, harp and drums to play songs during your wedding. This type of musical group is very suitable for the concept of a wedding: a grand and luxurious wedding.

Acoustic Band

Acoustic bands have the fewest number of personnel compared to other types of band groups because only with vocals and guitar alone can form acoustic music. However, you can add other musical instruments that are usually still used for acoustic music, such as percussion or cajoon. An acoustic band can bring light and romantic music to your wedding. This type of band is perfect for the concept of a wedding: an intimate wedding.

Chinese Instrument

For those of you who have the concept of an oriental wedding, you can add several traditional Chinese musical instrument players, such as guzheng, erhu, or pipe to the wedding band to bring a touch of oriental nuances to your party.

The DJ

Make your wedding party even more lively by presenting a DJ who can play from hip-hop, electro, to disco that will make you and the guests not stop shaking! The type of music produced by a DJ is best suited for after-party events.

Things to think about before hiring wedding musicians: In addition to musical tastes, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to present at your wedding. Arrange the songs you want during the wedding, from when you and your partner enter the room, the song for the first dance with dad, to the song for the first dance with your partner and think about whether the wedding musician you choose can play it as you wish You.

Think also in terms of the location of your wedding party. If the wedding is held in a large and spacious building, then you need a larger and more complete band to be able to fill the entire room with its music. Or if you have a wedding on the beach, the sound of the wind and the sound of the waves may be able to muffle the sound of musical instruments such as violins or harps.