Carpet is one of the pedestals or floor coatings that are useful for making comfortable and beautify the room, usually a large size adjusted to the size of the floor of a room. the manufacturing material is synthetic carpet cleaner, but some are made from other materials. Because its use is always placed on the floor, a carpet is very easy to get dirty, dusty, and damp which results in reduced quality of the carpet itself. Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches is one of the services that can help every homeowner to care for and clean their carpets.

If the carpet that we have lack of care will reduce the beauty and strength of the carpet, for this reason, it is needed proper care to overcome them. Below are some tips that you can apply at home to treat carpets.

Caring for fabric/fur rugs
• Clean the dust on the carpet by vacuuming it using a vacuum cleaner through alternating the two sides of the carpet alternately at least twice a week, or adjusted to the condition of the carpet whether you have seen a lot of dust attached or not.

• The process of removing dust can be done outside the house to keep flying dust from contacting other equipment inside the house.

• do not put the cloth carpet on the floor for too long because it will cause the bottom of the carpet to become moist so that it will cause mold to grow easily so that the carpet becomes dirty and smelly.

• To prevent the carpet from becoming moist and not overgrown with mold, dry the carpet at least once a week so that the carpet fibers are always maintained in a dry state, don’t forget to clean the floor on which the carpet was laid.

• If the carpet is exposed to liquid then quickly take a dry cloth and emphasize on the surface of the carpet affected by liquid so that the liquid can be absorbed into the fabric, if at that time the sun shines brightly then dry the wet carpet until it is completely dry, because if a carpet exposed to liquid and allowed to stand for some time it will smell bad odor.

• If your carpet is stained quickly clean, if the carpet is stained like a coffee stain, for example, then quickly put a cloth on top of it so that the liquid can be absorbed, then you can clean it by soaking in liquid that has been given detergent and then cleans the stain using a glue brush slowly so as not to erode the surface of the carpet.

• Fur rugs are very easy to absorb dust and dirt that will penetrate to the bottom of the carpet until it penetrates to the floor, if we lift the carpet from the floor that has not been cleaned then under the carpet there will be scattered dust, this shows that even though the top the carpet looks clean then still at the bottom dirty with dust that can escape into the carpet fibers.

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