With the exorbitant price tag of luxury cars have a lot of advantages possessed, both physically inside and outside the features are very different from vehicles in general. Moreover, luxury cars usually have a runway kitchen that is very unusual so that it spoiled their owners. Not infrequently people also rent luxury cars for various important purposes. Make sure if you rent a luxury car in luxury car hire london.

Even though owning a luxury car does not mean that you don’t have any problems at all, of course, extra care must be taken to avoid problems or damage. Not only caring for the exterior, but also in its entirety, including in the technology and kitchen spur. To maintain luxury cars still look excellent there are a few tips that must be considered, including:

1. Preheat the car engine properly
Like a vehicle engine in general and luxury cars are no exception must also be heated every before it is used, but to heat a luxury car should not be too long because usually in the latest output cars are equipped with advanced compression technology so that the engine is sufficient to be heated only a matter of minutes . If it takes too long it will only waste fuel for free and damage some of the components contained therein.

2. Replace damaged components immediately
If your luxury car has reached 10,000 km or more you should not underestimate and do regular maintenance, check some important components such as filters and braking systems. If it looks worn out you should immediately replace it with a new one, this is done so that the car remains comfortable when in use and to prevent further damage. Part of the brakes must be carried out special care because in this component became the most vital part especially for luxury sports cars that often drove at high speeds.

3. Use high-quality oil and make regular changes
Luxury cars must use oil that has much better quality than ordinary cars, for this reason usually the distributors also always recommend the owner to use oil that is suitable for the vehicle. Do not forget to always change the oil every 5,000 km and multiples at the same time to service whether there are components that are damaged.

4. The use of fuel must be appropriate
Refuelling on luxury cars should not be arbitrary, the quality of octane owned by each type of fuel also varies so do not use fuels that have a lower octane number than recommended by the manufacturer. If it gets wrong then the effect also directly affects the engine and does not rule out the possibility that your luxury car is forced into the garage because of the wrong charging. Usually, these billions of valuable cars use special fuels that have high octane.

5. Check the exhaust component
Luxury cars are usually equipped with catalytic technology found in the muffler section, this feature is useful in reducing the exhaust emissions produced so that it becomes more environmentally friendly, for this reason, each vehicle servicing vehicle should ask the garage mechanic to check the exhaust gas parts so that it still has performance the good one.

6. Give liquid additives
Because these expensive cars have a slightly different combustion system, you should add additive formulas for refuelling. This is done to dissolve sulfur while increasing the octane value contained in fuel oil. Thus the fuel chamber becomes clean and free from rust.