When our bodies are tired and need adequate rest, the most desirable thing is to sleep well. Well, one of the tips for a restful sleep is to use bed linen that can make us feel comfortable. You can get that by using the best egyptian cotton sheets.

Of course, we all want a bed that we use every day to look beautiful, neat and comfortable to the eye. Usually, the beauty, neatness, and comfort are adjusted to our tastes, preferences or personality. Must be smart in choosing the right color for your bed linen. Don’t choose dark colors if your room is lacking outside lighting and small rooms. Use brightly colored bed linen to brighten your room and make it look spacious.

Some of the following colors can be an alternative choice for your bed linen:
– White: Indicates clean, pure, holy. White also gives a calming effect
– Black: This black color tends to give a mystical, mysterious and closed impression.
– Green: Gives the meaning of fertility, an optimistic heart effect and an atmosphere of natural freshness.
– Red: Interpreting a happy, flowery, passionate heart also gives the meaning of anger
– Blue: Associated with calmness, relaxation, coldness.
– Pink: Provides a romantic, spoiled and loving atmosphere
– Yellow: this color gives a melancholy, cheerful, happy effect.

The size of the bed linen also affects our comfort while sleeping. Previously, we need to ensure the size of the mattress that we have and then we can choose the right sheets. The size of bed linen, in general, are single, super single, queen, and king size. If the sheets are a suitable size, the sheets can be installed properly and neatly. However, if we buy the wrong size, will reduce comfort while sleeping. Bed linen that is too small or too big, will make the bed sheet easily shifted and or cannot cover the mattress as a whole. Of course, this makes our sleep uncomfortable.