To choose a t-shirt that is good or good quality, don’t just look at the price, but there are a few things you need to pay attention to when choosing a t-shirt. What are the things that are very important to pay attention to when buying a t-shirt? When buying t-shirts, what do you pay attention to besides the color and image that you like? Some things that are often overlooked when buying a t-shirt and are only interested in the design or color make you quite sorry when you buy the streetwear graphic tees.

Have you ever asked a t-shirt seller what material was used when buying t-shirts? Usually, the t-shirt sellers will mention the material used for the t-shirts is cotton. It is true that t-shirts that use cotton will be more comfortable than t-shirts made from CVC or TC, let alone polyester. But also pay attention, what cotton material is used, we recommend using the Combed Cotton t-shirt material so that the shirt feels comfortable

Some shirts that use Cotton can be not only Combed Cotton but also Carded Cotton but as you know the quality Carded material will certainly not be as comfortable as Combed Cotton, even though Carded material has a cheaper price. Want even better t-shirt material? Now there are so many choices you can use the fabrics in our shop to make better shirts from Combed or Carded materials, such as Cotton Bamboo, Cotton Modal or you can also use US Pima Cotton

The second thing you really need to pay attention to when buying a t-shirt is its comfort. What is a comfortable shirt like? If the shirt is made of good and good material, of course, it will be comfortable to use. Make sure you use a t-shirt that is cool, soft on the skin, smooth, able to absorb sweat well, and most importantly doesn’t itch or irritate. Just use shirts that use Combed, Bamboo Cotton or Modal Cotton, even US Pima Cotton because it is definitely comfortable to use.