An electric linear actuator’s working principle is in a modular way that integrates the motor and its screw, it turns the motor shaft’s rotary movement into a linear one of the piston rod in an electric linear actuator. Meanwhile, servo-electric linear actuators change the superiority of servo motors – speed, rotation, torque control – speed, position, precise thrust control to realize revolutionary products of high precision linear motion, just like ball screws. Meanwhile, if your ball screws in your factory are damaged, we suggest you hire superior ball screw repair services instead of throwing them away.

The function of electric linear actuators (or often called electric cylinders) is the same as the functions of pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. They are all used in equipment that requires lifting, pushing and pulling an object. The biggest difference is that the electric linear actuator does not require a compressor or hydraulic station, it can be driven as long as there is electricity.

Compared with pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders, electric linear actuators have high efficiency, low noise, clean, and pollution-free in operation. In addition, the electric linear actuator can reach the right position, which makes it a perfect replacement for pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders.

Servo electric linear actuators mainly consist of servo motors, cylinder housings, motion drive devices (usually ball screws) and position feedback devices, etc. The basic principle of servo-electric linear actuators is that the computer sends commands to the servo driver, and the servo motor will work under this command, which drives ball or trapezoidal screws to rotate through transmission mechanisms such as gearboxes or synchronous pulleys or couplings.

The screw nut limits the radial movement, this is a reciprocal linear motion with the piston rod driven by a torsion rotating ball screw or lead screw. While the feedback device position, the absolute encoder will be applied at the edge of the screw or an NPN type magnetic switch is put to monitor the electric cylinder piston rod in real-time.

Electric linear actuators are a new revolutionary product that can realize high precision reciprocal linear motion. Electric linear actuators replace pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders in more fields and are more convenient for electrical control.