The development of the fashion world is very fast like the development of technology in the present. All kinds of culture are affected by it. It’s not just the western clothing that is affected by the current trend, but even clothing from other cultures and religions are also following the trend of fashion, despite the fact that some cultures still remain conservative. Among the unique styles and cultures, Muslim clothing is one of the most interesting among them. Aside from covering almost the entire body, the clothing such as kaftan, robe, and abaya are all looking very different compared to clothing from other cultures and religions. That’s why so many people who live in a country with strict rules about clothing prefer to buy these types of clothing, and that’s why some of them love to go abaya online shopping too.

However, there is one women’s clothing that already exists but now has experienced developments in terms of design and model without reducing the value of these clothes. What is abaya?

Abaya. Maybe some of us still don’t understand this woman’s clothing. Abaya is one of the traditional clothing of women in Middle Eastern countries. This Abaya clothing is based on clothing worn outside or on other clothing.

This abaya is a Muslim woman’s attire that is to cover the genitals according to Islamic law.

Abaya clothing is indeed a symbol and tradition for some people in the Middle East country. However, along with the times, now Abaya has entered into various corners of the world.

In south-east Asia, Abaya has been widely circulated with various models and choices of color motifs. Abaya is a Muslim fashion that is simple, simple, elegant but still good in covering genitals, just add other equipment such as headscarves or veils.

That’s it for the short information that we may share with you about abaya. Although this article is not long at all, we still hope it helps you to know more about Muslim clothing, especially abaya.