Seen from the investor’s money management, there are several types of Mutual Funds: Money Market Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Mutual Funds, Equity Funds, and Mixed Mutual Funds. As the name implies, the Mutual Fund Shares park funds under management in the stock market However, I personally do not want to buy Mutual Funds. Why? There are some reasons why I don’t buy those funds. You might also want to learn other types of investments by visiting and read more investment news.

Here are my reasons for not buying mutual funds:

I enjoy the process of investing

I personally prefer to invest alone, do not want to hang hopes on others, including investment managers. I am the type of person who does not want to remain silent, just hoping for results. Work as an investor who has to read a lot, think, analyze is something I like. Why would I leave the work I like to someone else?

Buying mutual funds requires expensive fees

For Mutual Funds, deposits and withdrawals are charged between 1% -3% of the investment value. Also, there are still management fees per year which range from 1% -3%. So if we save the Mutual Fund for a long time, the profits can be eroded by these costs because it accumulates. Meanwhile, if you trade your own shares, you will only be charged for buying or selling small shares. Ie 0.15% to buy shares, and 0.25% when selling shares. If we keep stock for a long time, there are no administrative or storage fees. Why did I buy the expensive one?

Finding the best mutual fund is difficult

It is difficult to choose the best Mutual Funds. Mutual Fund performance also fluctuates from year to year. One time, Mutual Fund A was in the top ten highest yield printer. The following year was knocked out of the top ten. Mutual Funds that are now beating composite stock price index will not necessarily be able to beat the composite stock price index later. If we look at the list of the best stock mutual funds each year also changes. It is rarely consistent. If we choose stocks, especially blue-chip stocks, it is much easier. If we look at blue-chip stocks in the market, that is consistently the company again. Why do I complicate myself?