In order to achieve maximum shooting results in archery, planning, perseverance, and patience are needed in addition to the continuous training process in implementing the training program. Shooting training in archery must be done by applying a number of appropriate methods, including the amount of practice, practice by closing eyes, shooting with wind conditions, intervals between shots and shooting by applying learning media. Apart from that, if you prefer to use a more advanced type of bow instead of the traditional one, perhaps you need to check out some online crossbow reviews first.

Frequent training is needed in archery. The amount of training depends on the level of needs and skills possessed by an archer. To be able to display a high level of ability, the practice needs to be done well and consistently. So that an archer has good technique and is able to shoot 200 arrows correctly every day of training for 6 days every week. In Korea, an archer at the school-age of 10-12 years has shot an average of more than 500 arrows per day, sometimes even 1000 arrows per day. This is one of the reasons why archery in Korea is advancing so rapidly.

In order to achieve the maximum level of ability, archers must shoot no less than 200-300 arrows per day for 6 days per week. Thus the archer will be able to maintain the technical ability and feeling (feeling) in making shots. Archery is one sport that involves a lot of “feelings”, therefore one day you stop shooting then the feeling will quickly disappear. Thus the practice needs to be carried out continuously and consistently.

Also, close your eyes in shooting practice, for safety in this case the maximum shooting range is 5-10 meters. Shooting with your eyes closed will pay special attention to the shooting process. Practicing like this is good if done specifically on the formation of techniques, concentration, and feeling in the shooting. Besides that, it is also useful to practice consciously and even in the subconscious mind to know the right or wrong of the shooting technique used.