Among many types of knives, of course, differences in shape and size will follow different functions and uses. Starting from a knife to cut meat, slicing vegetables, cutting bread, to peel fruit. Of course, the selection of the right knife will support the process of cutting food to be perfect. As one of the kitchen equipment that is often used, you should choose a quality kitchen knife. However, having the best kitchen knife does not guarantee quality durability if it is not accompanied by proper care. Apart from that, if you want to find out more about high-class Japanese knives, you may follow Kamikoto Instagram.

Then how to properly treat kitchen knives? Here’s how to take care of the right kitchen knife so that your sharp kitchen knife quality lasts longer:

Clean the knife properly

Every time you finish using a knife, wash and clean each side of the knife with dishwashing soap, then dry with a washcloth. Avoid using a dishwasher so that your knife doesn’t get damaged quickly. If the kitchen knife is exposed to a stain, rub it with vegetable oil. To get rid of the unpleasant or fishy odor on the knife, apply toothpaste. For getting rid of vegetable gums, apply cooking oil to the knife, let it sit for a while so that the oil soaks into the sap, then wash with soap and rinse.

Store the knife in a dry place

After you wash the knife that has been used, don’t forget to keep the knife back in a dry and free from moisture so it doesn’t rust quickly. We recommend that you provide a special storage area for storing knives in accordance with the type and use.

Sharpen regularly

The knife needs to be sharpened to maintain its sharpness. How often a knife should be sharpened depends on how often the knife is used and the type of knife. The more often used, the knife must be sharpened more often. Based on its type, a meat knife needs to be sharpened more often than a knife used to cut vegetables or fruit. Do not sharpen the knife with any sharpener or other surfaces because it can damage the texture of the blade, you should use a proper whetstone to keep the kitchen knife sharp always.