Identity card photos are indeed not seen every day, but the long validity period makes you forced to take a lame photo as a representation of your identity. If the validity period of your passport or driver license is expired, you must be prepared to do your best for the photos you recognize that are more ‘good’. Apart from that, you may also need these tips when you decide to make a convincing scannable fake id to help you enter night clubs easily.

Therefore, try to look at the following 3 things that are never done when going to photo ID cards.

1. Using a Glitter Makeup

Many people want it to look more radiant, but that doesn’t mean you wear makeup with the final glitter right? Glitter is different from shimmery because of the glitter particles. If the shimmery or highlighter eyeshadow gives a glowing effect, glitter on the identity card photo makes you like wearing the wrong costume. Glitter also has the potential to reflect the shine that is not good on the camera.

2. Using a Bright Concealer to Disguise Eye Bags

Often overtime and eye bags that are quite annoying? When it comes to photo ID cards, you might consider using concealer. It’s okay, as long as the color of the concealer is right. It’s a shame if you use concealer with a color that is too bright from skin color because the camera will make it stand out more. It’s good, you choose a skin-colored concealer or a more natural peach color.

3. Forgetting the Foundation for the Neck

Have you ever commented on a friend whose face and neck color are different? Well, when going to an identity card photo, don’t let you forget to blend the foundation on the neck. Maybe at a glance in the mirror, it’s not a too real difference. However, if you wear a V-necked shirt, you can see the difference.