Deer are flattened hoofed animals with a very large body, which are more than 2.5 meters high. Males, called bulls or stags, grow larger and can weigh up to 480 kilograms, while females, known as cows or females, weigh nearly 300 kilograms. They live in forests as well as habitats along the forest edge. Shaggy neck and presence of a mane are important features of them. Apart from that, their neck is darker and the rump is white, that’s also a unique feature. According to the climate, deer change the color and thickness of the coat. In winter, the coat is light and thicker, while it is dark brown with short fur in the summer. They are living social animals and groups called herds. One single female dominates the herd, that is, it is a matriarchal herd-like elephant. The male has many-branched horns spanning one meter in a dendritic configuration. Meanwhile, if you are a new deer hunter, perhaps you want to know how to find deer in the woods.

During their mating period, bulls make repeated high pitched vocalizations. Stag sheds horns in late autumn after mating due to reduced testosterone in the body. The horns regrow every year and at a very high rate of more than 2 centimeters per day. However, at the time of mating, the skin was pregnant and the gestation period lasted 240-260 days.

Deer are the largest among all deer species with a weight range of 400 – 700 kilograms. Sometimes men grow to more than 3 meters, but females are always smaller. They range in parts of North America and moderate Asia and Europe. One of the characteristics of these ruminants is the presence of hanging dewlaps. Moose is light brown to black, depending on the season and age. They are not social herbivores but prefer to live alone.

The bulls have built enormous palatine horns to attract cows and are used in battle for females during the mating season. The legs of the elk are paler than the rest of the body. Other notable features of the moose include drooping lips, rotatable ears, and a protruding hump. They mate during September and October each year and gestation lasts for about eight months.