Sushi is a dish that can only be cooked properly by trained experts. Some of them who are famous are even considered sushi masters. The sushi that they cook is not only delicious but also looks like some pieces of art that are worth being displayed in the museum gallery. However, without a proper sushi knife, even an experienced sushi master will find it hard to prepare a high-quality sushi meal course. That’s why a knife is also considered a weapon for a true, professional sushi chef. However, if you just want to build a new sushi restaurant, you must know the right places to buy some of the best sushi knives.

Here are some places where chefs commonly order their sushi knives:

Reputable Online Stores

Online stores are the main choices of modern sushi chefs. It’s easy and quick to order a set of excellent sushi knives from a trustworthy online store that has been trusted by many sushi chefs. In a high-class online store, even the cheapest knife set they sell will have significant quality. When you shop at such a store, you must prepare quite a lot of budget, but the quality of sushi knife sets that they sell will not disappoint you.

Skilled Blacksmiths

Blacksmithing is no longer a common occupation in this modern age. However, the remaining blacksmiths are generally skilled people who have inherited decades or even centuries of teachings from their masters. When you order from a famous blacksmith, it can be expensive but it takes a long time. However, the sushi knives that master blacksmiths craft will usually exceed your expectation, especially if you can provide the blacksmith with enough budget, time, and materials.

Secondhand Knives From Sushi Masters

This one is hard to do because a lot of sushi masters think of their knives as their weapons to survive in the business. However, some of them might want to let go of their old sushi knives for the right price. True sushi masters will always maintain their knives so they are always in good condition, so it might be a choice for you to get your hands on an excellent sushi knife.