Each type of ceramic has its character. The motive must look good, not necessarily suitable for certain rooms such as in an apartment. Not to mention the safety factor and the price of floor tiles that also adjust the apartment, it must still be a consideration. So, if you happen to want to make a house or renovate an apartment, there are several types of floor tile options. In one north eden price, you can offer you apartment prices that can adjust your budget with ceramics that match your character!

1 Porcelain Ceramics
The price of floor tiles has reached millions. One of them is a type of porcelain ceramic which is one of the best types of ceramics. At first glance, it looks similar to standard ceramics but has clearer and brighter luster. So that the house will look cleaner and more elegant.

2 Marble Ceramics
Marble was a very popular building material during the heyday of the Roman Empire. Giving an elegant and luxurious appearance, it’s no wonder the price is quite high. Marble floors are unique in that their fibers are not the same from one plot to another. This type of floor one north eden price ceramic is suitable for installation in various rooms, especially the dining room and family room.

3 Terrazzo Ceramics
In making marble ceramics, of course, there is a waste. It turns out that marble waste can be reprocessed into other types of ceramic floors, namely terrazzo. Made from broken marble, sand, tiles, and cement, terrazzo is usually favored by lovers of classic and ethnic interior design. The terrazzo ceramic floor can give a unique traditional impression to your apartment.

4 Granite Ceramics
Granite ceramic floors look similar to marble tiles because they are both types of natural stone ceramics. The material for making floor tiles is from natural stone obtained from mountains or mining areas. The motifs and colors of the types of natural stone ceramics are almost the same, but not identical between one plot and another. So it will look unique.

5 Limestone Ceramics
Like a natural look that makes apartment units fresher? Use limestone tile floors for balconies. It could also be on some floors of the living room or family room. This is a type of flooring made of durable natural stone. However, avoid cleaning with vinegar and citrus-based cleaners. We recommend using a cleanser with a neutral pH.

With so many choices of types and prices for floor tiles in one north eden showflat, now you can choose the one that suits your taste and budget of course. Hopefully, your dream home can come true, huh.