The more modern technology also makes it easier for all forms of human activities, including shopping activities. As we already know, online shopping is now becoming popular and mushrooming because it is considered simple and practical. However, it turns out that online shopping has many drawbacks. Shopping comes directly to places such as shopping at shopping centers, this is also still popular because of its advantages. First, the security system is guaranteed because, in shopping centers, security guards will be provided to provide comfort when we shop. They are usually equipped with sophisticated communication tools such as two-way radios. For the use of this tool, you read the ham radio guide. With this tool, it will make it easier for officers to work and when there is an emergency the leadership can immediately order the officers to solve the problem quickly.

This tool is not only used by security officers but also used by staff at the shopping center. So those of you who want to shop will feel safe. Second, can see the condition of the goods directly. Unlike online shopping, the condition and shape of the goods can only be seen through the pictures displayed by the seller. By shopping directly on the spot, we can see the items we want directly so that we can fully understand the quality of the goods we are going to buy.

Third, products in supermarkets already have prices listed on their products, making it easier for us to know the prices of these products without bothering to bargain with sellers which sometimes often leads to opinions between buyers and sellers. Besides, it is easy to set a budget when shopping because the price stated on the product makes it easy for us to get some budget that we can spend when we want to buy some products.