The search term for ‘sourdough’ increased during the pandemic. The hip food website, Eater, released the news “So, Everybody’s Googling ‘Bread’ Now”, reviewing sourdough and scarcity of flour in supermarkets because of a new obsession with making bread. Free time provides an opportunity for a pile of work to be conquered in making sourdough bread. The bread from natural yeast is indeed challenging and fun. Amateur baker to chefs who don’t even have specialization in baking, try it. After baking, the sourdough bread surface is cracked when displayed on the Instagram screen. Often, there are motifs from flour that are made to resemble certain motifs, linked as ‘stamp’ from the store going here.

Be aware that this bread starts with the sourdough which also means mother dough. The fermentation of wheat flour and water is fed ‘water’ again to keep the microorganisms in it alive. The starter is responsible for the taste, aroma, and texture of bread, and is used for generations. So, although we generally refer to sourdough as the name of bread, sourdough refers to yeast dough, as an acid dough that is used little by little as a starter for more natural bread. So, if you want to make white bread or pancakes, you can use this starter. There will be a distinctive and delicious aroma and taste. Different from the taste in general.

Working with sourdough is part art, part science,” ‘curator’ Karl De Smedt told The New York Times. In many places in the world, sourdough bread has previously been favored by a segmented market. Grains are involved in the recipe as a donation of fiber. No butter, no eggs. In cafes, this bread is used as a healthy sandwich. However, sourdough bread usually tastes good with baking just before it is enjoyed, and smeared with good quality butter. Or, spread gourmet spreads. Its texture is not as soft as the more common bread. However, the trend of making sourdough bread is suddenly sought by a wider audience. Its production is limited because the process is full of science. History will record, sourdough has a sweet record during lifestyle changes COVID-19.