One of the most effective conventional marketing media so far is corporate souvenirs. Why is it said effective? Because the company’s souvenirs from have a unique character and excellence from other promotional media, such as:

Proximity Personally
Corporate souvenirs can be things that are present to the most personal side of our consumers. That is an object that is often seen and is often used in everyday life. Souvenir companies may not be able to directly speak and submit your offer. But corporate souvenirs can convey messages implicitly in the minds of consumers. For example, our business is engaged in the health sector and our target consumer is someone who often exercises. Then the promotional message about the health of our brand can be conveyed through merchandise or souvenir in the form of a tumbler.

Brand Reps
In a branding strategy, a term called brand repetition is known. More or less the intention is a strategy to plant a brand by displaying the brand in the minds of consumers repeatedly. For example, things like this are usually done by big brands whose logos are installed on running text on soccer fields like FA Cup. Or there is also a brand of a bakery company that sells by going around the complex while turning the jingle. Repetitions that are seen, heard and felt by consumers have proven to be successful in instilling brand awareness in the subconscious of consumers. The same thing we can do through company souvenirs. When our brand attaches to things that are seen and used by them. Without realizing our brand is stuck in the subconscious.

One of the characteristics of consumers in this era is lazy to sell. They are quite tired of hearing offer sentences or advertisements from various places. So now the brand needs to be more refined and creative in conducting promotions. How can the chosen promotional strategies and media deliver messages and still be attractive to the target audience, but not impressed by hard selling and choosing a functional and beneficial company souvenir for consumers to be the right choice? They certainly will be happy to accept the company souvenirs that we provide. And of course, it will be used according to the function and benefits of the souvenir.