Most people invest in a sporadic style without considering goals, time, and risk tolerance. There are also those who dare to pour a large number of funds to be invested without really studying the market, risk, how to work, even the interest earned. Most people tend to see investment as an asset. There are also those who see it as a business and a source of income. There are also those who use it to realize their dreams. Meet Mr. Guth to consult your financial. No, it is not impossible that anyone can realize their dreams by investing.

If you have a variety of financial goals, it is not impossible to invest can help you to make it happen. At least, some of these steps you can use to realize your dreams by investing. Next in full:

1. Find Out and Determine Your Dream / Purpose
Whether it’s financial freedom or being able to prepare a retirement fund long before the day of retirement really arrives, your dreams or goals should be clearly summarized long before you begin to prepare a strategy to achieve it. If your goals, in the long run, are clear, then you certainly need to be able to design the right strategy to implement. One part of the strategy that we discuss here is an investment. Choose the right type of investment and how long you can use the investment benefits in realizing your dreams. For example, if you want to be able to travel every year, choose the type of investment that has a period of approximately one year until you can use the investment benefits for traveling the following year.

2. Balance Multiple Goals at Once
Make sure that the goals set are realistic, can be achieved with the strategy you have designed. For example, you plan to retire in the next 25 years. How much money can you collect in the next 25 years? How much funding is enough for your retirement day?