You may not realize, the body can show signs of dangerous diseases. These signs can be considered trivial and often ignored. If identified early, the signs of dangerous disease can be followed up with appropriate treatment and care. There are some signs of small changes that can be noticed. If you have one of these signs, quickly make a miracle healing prayers order for your recovery.

Only one eye that is red when photographed use flash
Red-eye in photos taken with flash is commonly seen in people taken at night. Actually, that red-eye is only blinking blood vessels in someone’s eye.

If only one eye is red, while the other is white, it means something is blocking the blood vessels. Something that can be a cataract, eye infection, or eye cancer.

A black line on the nail
Doctors found black lines on the nails are skin cancer.
This black line is called melanonychia. This line is not a disease, but a sign of a dangerous disease in the body.

The handwriting suddenly changed
A person’s handwriting that suddenly changes can be a sign of Parkinson’s disease or paralysis of tremors (trembling hands).

This handwriting changes, for example, the size of the letters are uneven, some are small and large, and letters are missing, meaning patients try to control the vibrations (trembling) in their hands.

Take notes of everything
Keeping track of plans on paper is a good habit. However, if someone has never done it before, then now suddenly feels the need to note something that needs attention.
That can be a bad sign if short-term memory has deteriorated. This could be one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Pain in the navel area
Appendicitis is something that seems quite ordinary, but terrible. The most interesting fact is that scientists are still unable to find out the cause of this disease.

There are initial symptoms of a common attack in the form of pain that is very painful in the navel area. This pain can slowly move to the right side of the abdomen within 2-4 hours.

This movement is called the Kocher symptom. If the pain every hour suddenly stops, then you are not necessarily safe. Because the condition can be a sign of peritonitis, a deadly complication of appendicitis.

Prolonged flashes of light
A sudden flash of light can be a sign of damage to the retina of the eye. This flash is usually described as an “exploding star” or “lightning” along with the appearance of headaches or dizziness.