Prayer for the sick is a prayer that aims to make a sick person recover quickly. You as a visitor later ask and also ask God so that all diseases that exist in people who are sick can be cured as soon as possible. Why are this prayer and urgent prayer request important? Because we know that disease and the calamity that humans experience at this time is a condition that comes from God as a wise ruler of nature. Despite giving calamity or illness, it is God Who will treat the disease. And one of God’s ways to treat it is to offer prayers specifically for the sick.

The role of prayer for the sick is needed to accompany each endeavor in the search for healing of the disease. The best prayer to do it with a sincere heart and confidence will be allowed by God to heal yourself using prayer and remembrance. Having a healthy body, fit and far from various diseases would be a dream of everyone. Unfortunately, a healthy and fit body cannot always be had. Some people must be willing to get sick due to injury or because of certain diseases. When your body hurts, what do you do? Get enough rest, take medicine, or go to the doctor and get your health checked immediately? What about you who aren’t sure you want to go to a doctor?

Reciting prayer itself is often applied by the prophet when his body was sick. The prayer is very easy, anyone can apply it at home. Put your hand in the painful spot and read I take refuge in God and His power from the sickness that I am feeling and that I am worried about. When there are parts of the body that are sick, reading the prayer above is believed to help you relieve the pain. Besides reading the prayer above, it is also recommended that we always pray to God. If you pray with the above pain that feels not yet healed, do not hesitate to check the health condition to the nearest doctor or hospital.