If you suspect that you are infected due to a dog bite, get medical help immediately to the nearest clinic, clinic or hospital. Sometimes the bite of an infected animal can cause blood poisoning (sepsis), infection of the inner lining of the heart (endocarditis) or infection of the outer lining of the brain (meningitis). Aside from that, if you wish to sue someone who harmed you intentionally by using his dog, we suggest you hire the most trusted dog bite lawyer in your area.

The following are body signs that indicate an infection:

Dog bite wounds are more painful than the first time.
The wound became red and swollen around the bite.
Liquid or pus comes out of the bite wound.
Having a fever with a temperature of 38 ° C or more, and body conditions shivering.

Before being bitten by a dog, it’s a good idea to be alert and watch for signs that the dog will bite. In the beginning, maybe the dog will give a signal that indicates that the dog does not want to be disturbed. One of his gestures included licking his lips, yawning, and turning his head. Also, note the following dog movements:

The dog will show its teeth while looking at you.
The hair on the back of the dog will stand up.
The dog’s ears will move backward against the head or forwards.
Dog’s legs will tighten.

If you think a dog will bite you, it’s best not to run, but stay calm. If you can, try to get something (usually a stone) between you and the dog. Position your body to stand up straight with your legs, and make your arms stick in while making a fist that leads to the dog. Do not look directly into the dog’s eyes, because this will be interpreted as a sign that you will attack, then look down or to the other side of the dog.

By standing still, the dog will lose interest in biting, and you might be able to retreat slowly.