Many people are now using SEO services so that their website can be ranked first and the first page of Google. They will also need SEO Singapore to help them in the SEO techniques they will use. SEO itself is indeed a technique that is currently most used because it can help make a business website on the first page of search engines and have more opportunities to be visited by visitors.

But there are a number of things that are often misunderstood by website owners regarding the results of SEO services. This misunderstanding often leads to assuming that certain SEO services are the services of a fraudster, but this is not the case. Here are some of the misconceptions:

1. Many visitors = lots of customers
SEO is indeed a technique so that how your website and the online store gets abundant visitors, at least from before SEO. But this total increase in visitors does not mean you will also get an increase in sales. Why? Because this is still determining how you manage the visitor who has entered it. For example, if the product sold has been given an interesting description to buy, is there a specific promo that has been carried out to attract someone to find out what products are on the promo, or is your online customer service shop always off so visitors who want to ask trouble?

2. Spin articles are unique articles
Content is king! So said most of the SEO blogs, and indeed that is. Users who enter a website always want interesting content that can be read. however, if the article is a spin, then Google will usually read that this article has been indexed before on another website, so Google will mark this website as a spam website.

3. Enough to just use SEO
To strengthen the confidence of your prospective customers, then use online advertising, because it is rarely the effort of deception to waste money on advertising, right?