Being vegans means automatically don’t eat animal meat anymore. Vegans are not sad to say goodbye to all animal products because plant-based ingredients are no less delicious. “Then what if vegans miss eating meat? Not all vegans miss eating meat. Second, even if you miss it, you know there are many choices of substitute for animal meat that is 100% plant-based and tastes even better than real meat like available at But you could also find meat substitutes easily. Do not believe? Please read the following list of meat substitutes for vegans. Who knows, they will immediately change their mind and register to become vegan.

– Vegan meat is a plant-based product that mimics animal meat in terms of texture, taste, and appearance. Vegan meat is usually made from a variety of ingredients such as soybeans, high protein vegetables, wheat flour, and so on. Vegan meat is perfect for those of you who are transitioning to veganism because of its almost flawless resemblance to animal meat. So you can more easily adjust your appetite.

– Kidney beans, black beans, soybeans, and all beans that fall into the “legumes” category are great vegan meat substitutes that are similar in texture to animal meat. Is eating peas much healthier than animal meat? Of course! Peas contain complex carbohydrates, which digestion in the body is slower than other types of carbohydrates. You will be full longer after eating peas because of their super high fiber content. Not to mention the vitamins and minerals that can be an additional intake for your body’s needs. Eating a lot of meat will stay healthy than eating lots of red meat.

– Lupine is part of the legume family which is very popular in Europe and is often used as a substitute for meat. Usually, lupine is served/used not in its full form but in the form of a powder which is then used as a dish such as falafel. It is rather difficult to find lupine protein in tropical countries because lupine only grows in countries with cold climates such as in Europe.