No wonder if lip gloss is one of the favorite products of women. The touch can finally make the appearance look more fresh and perfect. Not only that, the sparkling effect can give the impression of luxury as well as attractive. However, a little mistake in choosing lip gloss can actually make the appearance look minus. Here’s what you need to consider before you use it. If you want to make a DIY Lip Gloss, you can visit our website.

– Lip gloss has many packages and textures, ranging from the stick-shaped, liquid, balm, to those that have an applicator brush. Choose what you think is the easiest way to apply it so that the results are not cluttered.

– Use clear lip gloss or lip shine if you want a natural finish. This type only gives a shiny effect without giving color. Besides suitable for everyday use, this type of lip gloss can be used as a finishing touch on lipstick to make the lipstick color more stand-out and luxurious.

– As much as possible, try lip gloss first before buying, let alone the type of pigmented lip gloss. Never force yourself to buy lip gloss just because you like the color — even though it doesn’t match the color of the skin. Color that is not appropriate will only make makeup look bad instead.

– Currently, there are many lip gloss and lipstick products that have been “melted” and packaged into one, called lip tint. In addition to producing a strong color tone when used, this type of product is more practical, of course. You also don’t have to use lipstick and lip gloss separately.

– Like facial and body skin, lip skin also needs protection from UV exposure. Choose lip gloss that has SPF content so that the lips remain beautiful and healthy.

– If your skin is classified as oily, you should avoid using lip gloss that is too shiny because it will make the face look more oily.