Having an ornamental fish pond in the house that can be enjoyed at any time is indeed fun. Besides being able to relax tired eyes due to long working in front of a computer screen, looking at the colors of ornamental fish plus the beautiful pond atmosphere can also help relieve stress. At this time, to have an ornamental fish pond is not difficult, just contact the contractor who offers fish pond manufacturing services, after the agreement is made, you just have to wait for the manufacturing process, which does not take too long, depending on the land conditions, the size of the pond and the type of fish. ornamental which will be maintained later.

The garden pond is a fish pond combined with an ornamental garden. In this type of pool, you can choose between a garden with a pond, whichever is more dominant, according to your wishes. For example, in a more dominant garden, the pool is made with a size that is not too large, as part of the garden, or it can also be made proportional to the size of the pool with the garden so that it becomes a balanced mix between garden and pond. Also, you can choose the type of garden you want, for example, a formal garden, a tropical garden, a thematic garden, and so on. Of course, the garden pool that is made will also adjust to the type of garden you choose. For example, if you choose a thematic garden with a zen garden theme, then usually the garden pool created is a garden pond designed for koi fish. The minimal amount of land is of course also quite difficult for the plans to develop houses and other complementary facilities, such as fish ponds. However, this also raises new creative ideas to overcome this, for example by making a minimalist fish pond.

A minimalist fish pond is not a separate type, but only from its minimal size. For example, a minimalist zen garden-type garden pool, meaning that the pool is made smaller than the size that is generally used, without eliminating the elements contained in the zen garden and the garden pool, only the size is reduced. For example, what is usually made on land measuring more than 100 square meters, for a zen garden with a minimalist fish pond, can be made on an area of ??6 square meters, while still presenting the basic elements found in a zen garden.