Gadgets are some of the most important devices in our lives today. They are not just necessary for our communication, but they also provide us with useful tools and a lot of entertainment. That’s why people tend to spend a lot of their time with their gadgets these days, and it can be a bad thing if they can’t use it responsibly. Therefore, if your kids also use their gadgets daily, you need to supervise their use of gadgets strictly, so they won’t playing with it too much.

Here are tips to prevent your kids from playing gadget too much:

Be strict but not too strict at the same time

You have to be clear about when and where they can play their gadgets, and you also need to pay attention to the things that they enjoy when they play their gadgets. You must take away their gadgets during important times, such as: during breakfast, dinner, lunch, study time, and also at the time they need to help you finish the daily chores, or when they must play outside for the sake of their health and growth. However, you also need to allow them to play when the time is right, so they won’t feel curious about the gadgets too much due to other kids their age are also playing smartphones and tablets these days.

You may want to play online games with them

By having fun together with them, you will be able to enter their circle of fun, as well as telling them to stop playing when the time is up. This allows you to get closer to their world while also having more control of it without them seeing you as an intruder of their world.

Introduce outdoor activities to your kids

Entertainment is not a merely virtual thing. There is also a physical type of entertainment that your kids can try outside. You may introduce some kinds of sports or outdoor activities to your kids since they are young, so they will be able to fall in love to those sports and outdoor activities, so their time and interest can be evenly divided between the gadget and the outdoor activities.