Rugs are different from other carpet. This one needs special care because the material is more sensitive compared to ordinary carpet. Tapestry rugs or rugs of fur are very vulnerable to dust. Because of the absorption capacity of the fur carpet is higher than the absorption ability of ordinary carpets. Because of this, mug maintenance is more difficult. We must be careful when cleaning it because of its softer and fibrous texture. One of the easiest methods in cleaning the rug is by using best home carpet cleaner service. However, you also need to maintain the cleanliness of the rug.

1. Clean with a vacuum cleaner. To clean the dust on this small rug, we clean it on two sides. To clean the fibrous upper side, we should cover it with a cloth so that the carpet fur is not damaged by a vacuum cleaner straw. For the underside, we don’t need to cover it with a cloth.

2. Clean with a soft brush. We can also clean the fur carpet by using a soft brush, not a very hard brush. If the brush is very hard it is feared that it will damage the fur or rug on the carpet. Brush with a soft brush to clean the hair and pet hair.

3. Clean routinely. Clean your rug regularly by vacuum it once or twice a week. Cleaning the rug regularly will keep it clean. Because if the rug is not cleaned for a very long time, it can store dust or dirt become crusty. And if it’s crusty it will be difficult to clean. If you are busy, you can use a cleaning or carpet cleaning service.

4. Immediately clean your carpet if stained. Suppose your child is drinking milk then the glass falls so it’s making the rug dirty and wet. Clean immediately with a wet cloth or chamois. Because if not immediately cleaned, the stain, liquid or food will crust on the carpet and can become a perfect place for bacteria or mould and mildew.
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