Tires play an important role to reduce shocks, improve control and maintain stability in the vehicle. For this reason, maintaining the ‘health’ of the tires needs to be done, to minimize the risk of a vehicle slipping. And when there is damage to the tire you need to replace it sooner by visiting loja de pneus rj. Tire pressure is a major factor in extending tire life. Each car manufacturer has set wind pressure standards that can be applied to tires according to the needs and loads of each different car. Check the air pressure at least once a week to keep it safe and comfortable. Proper wind pressure will increase driving stability, increase efficiency and stay safe when maneuvering.

Not only wind pressure, to maintain tire health do the periodic balancing. Ideally, balancing is done once a year or every 10,000 Km so that the car stays balanced and tires are maintained. One thing that should not be ignored is the cleanliness of the tires made from gravel. When through the cobblestone road, immediately clean the gravel on the sidelines of the tire. This is done to avoid leakage and wear on the tires. So that the tire will last longer.

No less important that must be done to care for the tire is rotating it. By rotating the tire, the tire age can be evenly distributed. You can do this rotation every 10,000 Km so you don’t need it every month. The rotation can be done horizontally or diagonally. It not only extends tire life but also increases efficiency and makes tires more manicured. The last step you can take to extend tire life is to immediately repair a flat tire. When the tire is in low wind condition, immediately check to avoid further damage. Because when the tire lining is badly damaged like a tear, then you better replace it with a new one.