The flu you experience can be treated with grape seeds which have powerful nutrients and ingredients because they can prevent itching in the nose due to colds or allergies. In addition, grape seed extract is believed to be able to treat depression, be healthy, and make the brain well educated and also the superfoods list 2021. A healthy brain can make you feel comfortable and happy.

Ward off free radicals and cancer. The high content of proanthocyanidins is a compound that can prevent and select cancer cells through the apoptotic mechanism that makes cancer cells commit suicide programs. In addition, it can ward off free radicals because it contains 20-50 times vitamins C and E.

However, consuming excessive amounts of grape seed can generally cause headaches, dizziness, sore throat, and cough. We recommend that you consult in advance to use it. Avoid consuming grape seeds when you have to have surgery, you can experience serious bleeding. Its use is best avoided within two weeks of scheduled surgery.

You may experience allergies if you take grape seed extract, the effects of which can cause a rash, itching, swelling of the lips, mouth, or tongue. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women because there are no recommendations by experts that recommend consumption in these circumstances. The grape seed extract is not yet considered a medicinal drug.

The general recommended dose of consuming grape seeds is 150-200 milligrams a day. You can drink 2-3 times or the advice of a specialist who you have consulted.

The following are drug interactions for grape seed when used in conjunction with other medications. Therefore, grape seed is not recommended to be used together with medicines without a doctor’s prescription. Grape seed has potential for blood thinning and can react with anti-platelet drugs and pain relievers such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen. In addition, it can also react with cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Methotrexate.