Like to wear a sheet mask such as Maskologist Face Mask? It’s fun, yes. It’s practical, Insta-worthy, even sheet masks make skin healthier if used routinely. But did you know that sheet masks are many types?

– Microfiber
Microfiber sheet masks are the most common and are usually relatively cheaper than sheet masks from other materials. This cotton-like microfiber material is soaked in various essences to help overcome various skin problems.

– Hydrogel
Hydrogel masks feel thicker and more transparent than thin microfibers and white in color. For owners of dry skin, hydrogel masks can be an option because this material locks moisture better.

– Biocellulose
Biocellulose masks are made of natural fibers that stick better to the skin than microfiber. Another advantage, because the ingredients are better, the active ingredients in the mask do not evaporate quickly like microfiber.

– Foil mask
Similar to biocellulose mask, sheet mask made from foil also does not make the essence evaporate quickly. With a foil mask, the active ingredients will work optimally on the skin without the least (or at least, very little) active substances that evaporate and dry up in the air.

– Ampoule sheet mask
This type of mask requires that you daub the disposable ampoule, then followed by a sheet mask so that the active substance on the ampoule is absorbed maximally by the skin.

– Knit mask
As the name suggests, this mask is made from knitted cotton so that the skin retains the moisture that the mask provides better. This mask is usually longer to the neck so that the area also gets the same nutritional intake as the face.

– Clay / charcoal
A black clay or charcoal mask, and as the name implies, is enriched with a type of clay or charcoal to detoxify the skin. If your skin is oily, this mask can be an option because it can absorb excess oil without making the skin dry.

– Bubbling sheet mask
Its function is almost the same as a charcoal mask, which is to clean the ‘poison’ from the skin, but what makes this mask different is the addition of sparkling water. When wearing this mask, the foam will appear on it. After removing the mask, gently massage the skin with the foam. The skin will feel soft afterward.