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A third booster dose may be necessary to mitigate neutralizing antibody fading after inoculation with two doses of an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.
Yue L, Xie T, Yang T, Zhou J, Chen H, Zhu H, Li H, Xiang H, Wang J, Yang H, Zhao H, Wei X, Zhang Y, Xie Z..
Complement factor C1q mediates sleep spindle loss and epileptic spikes after mild brain injury.
Holden SS, Grandi FC, Aboubakr O, Higashikubo B, Cho FS, Chang AH, Forero AO, Morningstar AR, Mathur V, Kuhn LJ, Suri P, Sankaranarayanan S, Andrews-Zwilling Y, Tenner AJ, Luthi A, Aronica E, Corces MR, Yednock T, Paz JT.

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