You must have seen dust sticking to furniture that hasn’t been touched or stored in the basement for a long time. Not only in furniture, but dust can also be found anywhere. Everyone will readily cover their nose when exposed to dust. One place that can store a lot of dust is carpet We may often clean the carpet with a vacuum every day, but that is not enough to remove the dust that sticks. We have to clean it properly and hand this over to professionals at Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches.

The human nose has its own protection to prevent dust from entering the breathing. However, not all dust can be filtered by nose hairs. The smaller the size of the dust, the more likely it is dust to infiltrate the lungs. That certainly will endanger your health. Not only that, it turns out that dust can cause many losses. What are the dangers that can be caused by dust for your health? Consider the list first, let’s follow the following.

1. Cough
Coughing while cleaning the corners of the house from dust is a common thing. Coughing is the body’s way to expel foreign matter from the body.

In conditions like this, coughing is the body’s reaction to remove dust that is inhaled so as not to enter the lungs and disrupt your respiratory system.

2. Colds and Sneezing
In addition to coughing, it may also be accompanied by sneezing when cleaning your house exposed to dust. Almost like a cough, sneezing is also the body’s way of ‘expelling’ bacteria or foreign objects by force from your nose and throat.

However, sneezing every time you get dust exposure should also make you alert. You might even get an allergy or infection caused by dust. This will certainly bother you a lot.

3. Asthma
Dust is very dangerous for asthmatics. When dust is inhaled by asthma sufferers, this can make the disease recur. Even in more severe conditions, it can stop the respiratory system. This will certainly be very dangerous.

4. Eye irritation
Eye irritation can be caused by allergies, irritants, and infections. The most common form of eye irritation is the eyes turn red. When your eyes accidentally enter dust, don’t rub them. Use eye drops to clean your eyes. Tears will come out along with dust coming in.

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