Fish is one of animal protein that is very good for health. There are many benefits of fish that can be obtained if consumed regularly. Whatever the type of fish, because the fat contained in the fish is unsaturated fats, this makes it easy to be digested by the body properly. In addition, fish contain high omega, so it can improve the work of the brain, especially for children. That’s why children are strongly advised to consume fish, especially marine fish, on a regular basis.

Besides beneficial to improve the work of the brain, there are many other benefits. Not even for small children. Here we present the benefits of consuming fish with the routine:

– Healthy Cardiovascular System
The benefits of eating fish can prevent the occurrence of serious illnesses such as heart failure. Preparation of healthy fish can prevent the occurrence of triglyceride accumulation, reduce the presence of excessive triglyceride levels, can increase HDL (good cholesterol), and prevent the clotting of blood. This overall will facilitate the cardiovascular work system.

– Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases associated with the degradation of human brain function. Fish consumption can help improve the function of neurons in the brain that works for memory and brain memory. Researchers in various parts of the world have indeed revealed that the nutritional content of these fish is very important to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, especially steamed fish (not fried).

– Prevent depression
Depression can occur in people who are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids. So, you kudu regularly eat fish. Depression in the mother after childbirth can also be overcome by eating fish regularly, rather than taking quiet medication from a doctor.

– Helps to lose weight
For you who are dieting, do not forget to eat fish. According to research, fish oil with DHA is able to help stop the conversion of pre-fat cells into fat cells, thereby reducing fat accumulation as a whole. Those who consume fish oil capsules and exercise routine have been shown to lower more fat, than those who exercise but do not consume fish oil capsules.