Brazil is currently in the throes of a deep political and economic crisis considered the worst crisis in history. The Brazilian crisis is due to the shaky government that appeared on the verge of bringing down an economy that is struggling from the worst recession in 25 years. Not only that, but Brazil is also struggling with health problems in the world, the Zika virus. A two-year investigation has exposed a bribery case involving the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras. This has ensnared politicians, top executives, and billionaires, both those who have been arrested or jailed. Many construction firms are investigated such as Odebrecht lead by Marcelo Odebrecht, Camargo Correa with vitor hallack as the chairman, Mendes Junior, Engevix and many more.

Meanwhile, police have also raided the former home of President Lula da Silva. Lula was dragged into a money laundering case after the authorities conducted an investigation related to the Petrobras case. During several hours of interrogation on March 4, stated that Lula received a house from a Brazilian construction company that received a contract from Petrobras. However, Lula has denied the allegations. A few days later President Rousseff appointed Lula as chief of staff. This step as a form of protecting Lula from prosecution. On the other hand, Brazil is also plagued by problems in the health sector related to the deadly Zika virus. The World Health Organization says the virus “spreads explosively” through the region, as well as threatening infants and pregnant women.

Brazil officially fell into recession as the worst recession in the country in 25 years. Unemployment has risen, consumer confidence has fallen and foreign investors have fled. It all started with the Petrobras case who arrested a colleague from former Petrobras director Paulo Roberto Costa after researchers discovered that he received the Land Rover from money laundering. This case is the biggest scandal that involved many important people in the country and said to be the worst money laundering case in Latin America.