If you are among those who prefer breakfast with bread over rice, you need to have a pop-up type toaster. The pop-up type toaster is very easy to use and saves time. Actually, there are several brands that have launched pop-up type toasters such as Sharp, Philips, and others. However, maybe there are still a few people who use it and don’t know which pop-up type toaster is the best. For that, Toprated Buyerguides will provide information on how to choose this pop-up type toaster.

The pop-up type toaster is very easy to use. You just need to put the bread in it and when it’s toasted until it’s done, the bread will lift out. This tool is suitable for use on busy mornings.

There is a pop-up type toaster that has a temperature control function. However, you cannot set them specifically like the oven. This temperature control function only allows you to set the heat level which will affect the roasting result. Pop-up type toasters that are sold in the market have various features and you can choose them according to your taste or need. Here are our recommendations for the best pop-up type toasters.

Severin Toaster
This Severin brand toaster has a different toaster design from other toasters. The shape of the grill extends sideways, so this toaster also looks slim. In addition, the design that extends to the side also allows it to accommodate two loaves of bread in one slot. So, with just two slots, you can bake four loaves at once. If you own a cafe or have to bake a lot of bread for an event, this product is a great choice.

SHARP Sandwich Toaster
This product has a stylish and sleek design so you don’t need a large place to put it. Not only that, but the baking tray can also be removed so you can easily clean it. On the other hand, the power consumption is quite economical for a toaster with a two-slice capacity, which is only 450 Watts. If you want a pop-up type toaster with a stylish, sleek, and power-efficient design, choose this product.