Table tennis is currently becoming a popular sport for the community. All types of sports do have a myriad of benefits, including table tennis. Even though it looks like a simple sport, table tennis has many health benefits and it can make you sweat quite a bit. Table tennis is a sport using wooden rackets covered with rubber, ping pong balls, and an arena that resembles a table. The concept of playing is the same as regular tennis, the only difference is the equipment and arena used. To get more information about sports, you can visit Want to know what are the benefits of table tennis?

Improve Body Reflexes
The fast and precise movements in table tennis turn out to automatically make your body a reflex in response to every movement. Due to the nature of this sport to be done at close range, fast, and precisely, the movement of the motor and fine muscles will be better. These muscles will feel twitch when you play table tennis.

Preventing senility
Table tennis can also indirectly activate several parts of the brain at the same time. If you regularly do this exercise, you will be able to prevent senility, especially for the elderly. In addition, table tennis can also prevent the risk of senility caused by Alzheimer’s.

Helps Lose Weight
Every type of exercise is basically able to lose weight, as well as table tennis. Even though this sport has a limited area, you can burn calories quickly. If grouped, table tennis is an aerobic type of sport, which requires more oxygen and is effective in burning fat. However, you have to do it regularly and be equipped with a healthy diet.

Increases Bone Density
Table tennis was able to stimulate bone growth. This is because table tennis is a sport with high intensity and has an osteogenic effect. This effect can be further increased when your body moves in different directions with pauses for a few seconds. As a result, your bones become denser, stronger, and avoid the danger of injury.