In stock investing, there are two types of investments that you can choose from, namely short-term investments and long-term investments. For short-term investments, you need to pay attention to the fixed time to buy and sell these shares. As a beginner in gold investment, you should be able to explore more about the world of shares or use paypal stock to avoid losses due to ignorance in investing in stocks.

Having a system that is not much different from investing in gold, one of the tricks of profitable stock investment is when you buy when the price is not too expensive and resell it when the price is soaring high.

As for long-term investments, you can focus more on the shares to be bought and sold, and at what price range these shares will be bought and resold. Well, if you want a profitable stock investor, it’s better if you choose the long term, because the results of these investments will be much more pronounced.

Stock investment gains

– Dividends
Dividends are profit sharing that will be given by the company to shareholders. Where the dividend itself comes from profits obtained by a company in one year. Now, dividends themselves are divided into two types, namely cash, and shares.

– Capital gain (increase in stock prices)
Capital gains are profits provided by companies to shareholders or investors from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. Preferably, the selling price must be higher than the purchase price. Capital gains are generally formed due to stock exchange trading activities.

Stock investment risk
– Capital loss (decrease in stock prices)
Although in a stock investment you have the opportunity to get a capital gain in a fantastic amount, the risk of capital loss or decline in share prices can not be avoided. This is what might be one of the biggest risks in investing in stocks. In contrast to gold investment, which is relatively small in price reduction, a decline in prices in stock investments can seem like a free fall.

– Suspend
Not only a decline in stock prices, as a stock investor you also have the opportunity to be dismissed by the stock exchange. What do you mean by ‘terminated’? The point is that you can no longer trade or make transactions.

But in general, the suspension will last for a short time, which is just one trading day. However, it does not rule out the possibility that the suspension will last for days.