Before learning tips and tricks to maximize profits in investing in stocks, it’s good to know what benefits you can get from stock investing in Let your motivation increase to invest quickly. Here are the benefits you can get from investing in stocks:

1. Dividend Income
Dividend is a distribution of profit to shareholders based on the number of shares owned. This division will reduce the retained earnings and cash available to the company, but the distribution of profits to the owners / investors. So the more you have stock value in that company or the more companies you choose to invest your money in, the more dividend income you can get each year. Dividend income can help finance retirement or finance more investments held as the investment portfolio grows.

2. Diversification
Diversification is a technique used to reduce risk by allocating funds to several financial instruments, industries and other categories. Stock market investments change value independently of other types of investment, such as bonds and property. Stock diversification can help you overcome losses due to other investment products. In addition, another advantage of stock investment diversification is that it adds risk to a portfolio which can add to the potential for bigger and faster returns.

3. Ownership
Buying shares in the company where you buy shares means that you also have ownership / share in that company. This means you can also be called a business owner. The bigger the shares purchased, the more important your voice is in making decisions for a particular business. Owning shares in where you work can also provide additional benefits, namely as a way of expressing loyalty to the company and contributing to the success of the business as a whole.

4. Transparency
Being part of a global economy, the stock market has a transparent working system to meet the needs of everyone whether investors or not in terms of valuation and pricing. Transparency also ensures investors that the funds they invest will not be at risk due to propaganda or internal company problems.