Many daily activities that can unwittingly cause joint pain. The most common location for joint pain is the knee, ankle and around the shoulder. Joint pain is caused due to an injury that affects the tissue of the ligaments and tendons around the joint. Generally, joint pain causes pain in parts of the body that are injured, the severity and pain caused by joint pain vary from mild, moderate to severe. To treat it, you can go to chiropractic neurology.

Causes of Joint Pain
Various things can be a risk factor for joint pain, starting from unbalanced nutritional intake, excess body weight, increase in age, type of work, the influence of stress, to physical activities undertaken daily and the occurrence of injury can also affect the onset of joint pain complaints.

The causes of joint pain itself are fairly diverse, but some physical activity can also cause joint pain such as:

– Stand for too long
Standing for too long can cause joint pain, the article, the body support will be given in a long time and affect the spaces between the joints, especially in the hip joints, knees and legs. If you have a job that requires standing almost all hours work, occasionally try to stretch your knees by bending your knees briefly alternately to minimize joint pain. Conversely, sitting or sleeping too long, can also trigger joint pain, due to the space between the joints that are not used to move or support the body’s burden.

– Heavy lifting
Activities that lift weights that are too heavy can also cause joint pain in the back. In addition to lifting heavy loads, lifting or moving things in the wrong position can also trigger joint pain in the back. When moving items, be careful that back injuries can be avoided.

– jump
Various situations and activities, sometimes requiring us to jump to reach a destination, this often overlooked thing, can cause joint pain and injury, if not careful in doing so.

– Excessive exercise
Exercise can indeed build muscle strength and maintain joint health but, if done excessively, exercise can also cause joint pain. Some sports are also suspected to trigger joint pain in certain body parts. Like running and basketball which makes the knee as a pedestal when jumping. In these two types of exercise, the risk for joint pain in the knees and ankles tends to be greater.

– injury
Sprains caused by injury during exercise can also cause joint pain in injured body parts. Generally, sports that require repetitive muscle movements such as badminton, rowing, and golf are more at risk of spraining. Weight lifting and various types of exercise at a gym that is generally repetitive can also be a cause of injury and joint pain. Especially if done in the wrong way or footsteps, not done in stages, and without preceded by adequate heating.