Baby skin is very soft and tends to be thinner than adult skin. Baby’s skin will also experience changes as you age. First of all, we will explain how to choose a soap that suits your baby’s skin. Choose a soap with a degree of acidity (pH) that suits your baby’s skin. Not only baby soap, but ordinary soap also has three levels of pH (hydrogen ion) acidity, namely weak acids, weak bases, and bases. You may want to check out the proper level of acid and base levels on well-known baby product brands, so you can choose the safest ones for your baby. You might also go to adviserbaby website to learn more about those popular baby product brands.

Soap with an alkaline content is usually solid. They generally lather a lot, clean well, and are easy to rinse off. Baby skin tends to get dirty and sweaty easily. If you clean your baby’s skin with an alkaline soap, the baby’s skin will be clean and refreshed. Especially for babies aged 0-3 months, sebum secretion in the skin is quite common and tends to become eczema if not cleaned. For this reason, it is very important to keep your baby’s skin clean.

However, using soap has a different effect on each skin condition. Compared to types of soaps that contain weak acids, these alkaline soaps can cause the skin to feel tight. Besides, this type can make the baby’s skin dry, even rough. So, choose a soap that suits your baby’s skin condition.

On the other hand, baby soap with a weak acid content equal to the pH of the baby’s skin usually has the advantage of being low in irritation. This type of soap is recommended for a baby’s skin that is still so smooth. Moreover, sebum secretion decreases rapidly after entering the age of 3 months and over. As a result, the skin condition tends to be unstable.

However, this also requires special attention. Detergent substances and several other ingredients from baby soap can stick to your baby’s skin, triggering allergies. Rinse your baby’s skin thoroughly until it is clean so that no residue is left behind. That way, the cleanliness and health of the skin are always maintained.