Do you know if the bone loss can occur to anyone, including us who are still fairly young care chiropractic? Yes, bone loss can happen to anyone, moreover, we begin to feel back pain so we immediately see a chiropractor santa monica to get treatment.

Causes of bone loss
Bone loss or what might be better known as osteoporosis is a condition in which the body loses a lot of bone tissue, so the bones become brittle and porous. When bones are placed under a microscope, bones look not much different from beehives, but with smaller hole sizes and distances.

Osteoporosis occurs when bones lose minerals, in this case, calcium, faster than the speed of the body to replace them so that bone mass is reduced and easily broken. In more serious conditions, the bones may even become very fragile and break easily even just because of minor collisions. Here are some things that can cause bone loss:

1. Hormonal imbalance
Several hormones play a role in increasing bone mass, including the hormone calcitonin, parathyroid, and growth hormone. These hormones are responsible for bone calcium use and determine when to form and destroy the bone. So that the disruption of the levels of these hormones in the body can be one of the causes of bone loss.

2. Lack of calcium levels
The presence of calcium in the blood is needed by several organs such as the heart, muscles and nerves. While bones are like a container that is used in storing calcium and phosphorus. So, when these organs need calcium, these organs will take it from the bone.

In other words, low levels of calcium in the body and organs that will continue to take calcium from the bones will certainly cause bone thinning to break it easily. In addition to calcium, the presence of adequate phosphorus and vitamin D content in the body is also very much needed in maintaining bone health.

3. Low physical activity
Doing a little physical activity can be a cause of bone loss because the less bone is used, the bones will get weaker.

4. Smoking habits
Several studies have successfully revealed that nicotine poisoning in bone cells can cause the body to experience difficulties in using estrogen, calcium, and vitamin D needed to maintain bone health.

How to prevent bone loss
Besides resembling a honeycomb, the bone structure also resembles concrete in buildings and bridges. Bone is a framework that can support the body, protecting the body’s organs from collisions and related places of the muscles so that the muscles can be moved by connecting one bone to the other as a means. In other words, bones are the main support for the body in daily activities.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the food you consume daily is good for bone health. Choose foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D to keep bones strong and not porous.

Calcium can be obtained from spinach, soybeans, fish, and cheese, while vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight and fatty fish.

If the daily diet is not enough to meet the needs of calcium and vitamin C, you can also take CDR, supplements that are rich in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 to maintain bone health today until later in the evening.