Catfish or which in Latin is called Clarias is a fish that usually lives in freshwater. Having a flat, elongated body makes this catfish a more agile move than other fish. Coupled with his body which is slippery and not scaly made him actively move. Catfish usually live in freshwater such as breeding ponds, swamps, rivers with weak water currents, and in paddy fields that are flooded. Catfish habitat originally came from Africa. Meanwhile, you can also visit if you want to check out some of the best reels for catfish fishing.

Catfish have a unique mustache located at the tip of their mouth. There are 4 pairs of sunglasses consisting of a pair of nose antennae, a pair of inner mandibular antennae, a pair of outer mandibular antennae, and a pair of maxilar sunglasses. The existence of these tentacles helps the catfish to feel the presence of its food or prey. Because catfish eyes are small and malfunctioning. In the body of catfish, there are also 5 kinds of fins. Namely pectoral fins, dorsal fins, pelvic fins, anal fins, and caudal fins. In the breast fin area, there is a pair of bones or thorns hard and sharp called thorns. The thorn in the catfish serves as a means of self-defense from the enemy.

This lively and prickly fish has a nutrient content high enough to meet daily nutritional needs, especially protein. Catfish meat contains fat, protein, phosphorus, and vitamin B which is certainly good for our bodies. People like catfish because the meat tastes tasty and easy to process.

Eating catfish can be an alternative in fulfilling daily protein nutrition. If you usually only eat chicken or beef, you can try to eat catfish. In addition to its affordable price, the delicious taste and nutritional content make this fish a favorite of the people.

Besides beneficial for consumption, it turns out catfish has other benefits. Because of their high endurance and ability to survive even in dirty water, catfish can actually clean dirty water. But before the catfish must be placed first for several days in clean water, then only put in muddy water. Catfish are also able to clean ponds that have a lot of insect larvae.