For some beginners, crocheting is not an affordable hobby because it requires quite expensive capital. In some countries, crocheting tools and yarn are mostly imported from other countries and available at malls, so the price has increased dramatically. Once we can find it outside the mall, the quality is actually very far from expectations. However, if you are certain that you have enough budget for high-quality crocheting, we recommend you to buy some of the best crochet hooks.

Now, talking about money, here are some tips that can help you reduce the costs needed to start learning to crochet:

Choose the right crocheting needle

You must be very picky and careful when choosing crocheting needles. Starting from the type, size, to the ingredients because each has a different price range. For the type, it depends on what you are going to make. It can be a single needle, double-needle, or circular needle. Sometimes, we don’t have to follow crocheting regulations that have to use the right needle for the right pattern. As long as you understand the pattern well, then you can create a pattern with a new method.

Buy yarn with ordinary quality

In addition to the tools, the next most expensive thing is the thread because some countries are not producing crocheting yarn. Yarn also comes in a variety of materials and qualities as well. Without a doubt, the more expensive the price, the better the quality. However, to start learning to crochet you don’t need to use the best quality yarn. The main point is not the result, but the manufacturing process itself. Quality and expensive yarn will not promise you the best results either. Some people often misunderstand about price and quality.

Learn to crochet online

In this technological era, the internet is the most powerful source for finding anything. You can find the tutorial and learn it yourself. This is more challenging and of course, saves you a lot of money! No need to fear failure when you study because every craftsman must have that experience to be even better. Moreover, you can repeat video tutorials on the internet millions of times without worrying about being charged by the tutor.