Finding a competent and healthy guild or a raiding static can be an absolute chore, and while we can’t offer you any of those, at least not permanently, we can offer a way out. Getting the Eternal Palace Heroic Boost with one of our seller crews is an excellent method to get things done and get them going!

A single purchase of this service entitles you to a sweet, fast and successful run raid dungeon. This isn’t a loot run though, so be sure to stock up on Seals of Wartorn Fate to improve your chances at obtaining items! But, you’re guaranteed to have all bosses dead and earning all achievements for killing them. This is a very sweet deal for first-timers and seasoned players alike, as it helps to both pave the way for future progress or fill your weekly quota. In any case, you’re also getting a nice amount of Aqueous Reliquaries which will net you a powerful Heart of Azeroth Essence!

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